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Curious how personalized videos help you communicate 
on a personal level with your clients? 
Have you ever received a hand-written note before? Did you read it? 

Of course you did! Because someone made it just for you. 
That is what we have made possible. Personalized videos allow you to send out 1,000's 
of individualized videos in one click of a button to all your list. 

When you have the ability to achieve the same results 
with personalized video as hand writing notes, think how much time you’ll save! 
You can edit your personalized video in just 60 seconds 
and still have the same level of personalization with your clients.
how does it work?
We wanted to make this
as simple as possible for you. 

Follow this three step plan:
1. Take the link we provide you
2. Share the link through social media or email
3. Wait for the response!
That's it! We used to have to sit down and write hundreds of hand written notes, lick the envelopes, put on the stamp, and wait for the mailman... but thanks to technology, in just a few seconds, you can achieve the same results that you spent dozens of hours on before!
What Do You Need To Start Getting Results?
What Do You Need To Start Getting Results?

You don't need any software or technical skills. Just reach out to your sphere of influence the way you normally would, include the link, and within seconds all of your friends and family will see their own personalized video!
Get Your Time Back.
Stop Writing Handwritten Notes
Start Personalizing In Seconds
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